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Everyone has some connection to displacement.

Populations are displaced and forcibly resettled daily by civil unrest, eminent domain, gentrification, climate change, and the broader infrastructures of power. At In Place, we have conversations with people impacted by displacement in Virginia. We link local stories to global issues of displacement and resettlement. Our aim is to nurture inclusive and welcoming communities in the commonwealth. 

Based out of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, In Place is a community-focused podcast through the Center for Refugee, Migrant, and Displacement Studies under the direction of Drs. Katrina Powell and Rebecca Hester. The goal of In Place is to have meaningful conversations about the nature of displacement in a world where more and more people, and nonhuman species, are being forced into migration. The podcast will explore why migration occurs and the process through which refugees and displaced individuals become members of their new communities.

Concerned with both contemporary and historical displacement, we acknowledge the Tutelo and Monacan people who are the original stewards of the land where Virginia Tech now sits. The process of creating land-grant universities, including Virginia Tech, relied on the transfer of land expropriated from Native populations. The In Place team supports the land back movement. 

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